NWOA About Us:

The NW Ohio CU Outreach Alliance (NWOA) is a group of NW Ohio credit unions dedicated to financial education. In years past, the chapter recognized this education was needed and developed Finances 101. Finances 101 continues to be a primary focus for the NWOA as the group recognizes financial education amongst our students is a continued need. Our goal is to help prepare high school students for the real world, via our Finances 101 game. We do this by holding two major Finances 101 events each year, participating in our local Latino Summit, and making the games available to credit unions throughout Ohio. We also extend this outreach effort by providing an online version of Finances 101 for those who cannot take advantage of the in-person game. The online game is used in many classrooms throughout the state and around the country.

Our board consists of 9 CU individuals who bring a wide array of CU experience. The current group consists of CEOs, HR, Operations, Marketing and Business Development. Together they have over 200 years working for CUs.  With the experience across all areas in the CU and the active participation with other employees at local credit unions, the committee continues to dedicate their time in helping to deliver the promise of People Helping People.