The FREE life-sized game that teaches High School Students about the financial demands of the real world.

Students travel around a life-sized game board. Some of life’s choices lie in the draw of the cards, the roll of the dice or the spin of a wheel.

Students may payout money to be in a friend’s wedding, have a winning lottery ticket, pay an unexpected visit to the emergency room or get a promotion at work.  There is uncertainty around every corner, along with opportunities to make sound financial decisions too!

Students learn:
•About earning a salary and paying bills and taxes
•What it costs to run a household
•How earnings impact buying decisions
•What responsibilities lie ahead in the adult world

These Finances 101 in-person events are held a few times a year in various locations in NW Ohio. Please click here for upcoming events.

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Online Option
For those who cannot attend one of our in-person Finances 101 events, we have developed an online version of Finances 101. PLAY NOW

Finances 101 The Game Online!